What’s All This Then?

I am a walking commercial for home DVD delivery service, especially since having a small child.  I seldom see films in the theater any more, so most of my reviews are based on DVD viewings.  But I do have a large TV and surround sound, so I do get a somewhat theater-like experience but without the moronic chatter of other movie goers, popcorn and candy rustling noises, cellphones, etc.  My film taste is fairly diverse – I enjoy most genres, although I rarely see romantic comedies and I do have a penchant for bad big-budget action films.  Please feel free to comment on my reviews, whether you agree or disagree…everyone’s entitled to an opinion, even if it’s the wrong one.

My review scale:

A = terrific; highly recommend and would see again

B = good; would recommend but might not see again

C = average; met expectations, would recommend to appropriate audience; might watch again if on TV and I was bored

D = bad; would not watch again nor recommend, except under bizarre circumstances

F = horrible; probably shouldn’t have bothered posting about it


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